CJ Century Conducts Virtual Warehouse Tour For UTAR Students

Klang, 3 July 2021 - In collaboration with the Faculty of Science, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (“UTAR”) Kampar, CJ Century Logistics Holdings Berhad (“CJ Century”) organized a virtual warehouse tour for the students of Logistics and International Shipping on Teams Meeting platform today, with the aim to empower the undergraduate students with practical knowledge on sustainable warehouse operations.

Chosen for the virtual tour, the session featured a dedicated warehouse operation in Puchong that caters both Business-to-Business and E-commerce sector for our key customer, Tupperware Brands Malaysia. It was hosted by Ahmad Firdauz Bin Azhar, Senior Manager of Contract Logistics Division and joined by 211 students under the guidance of Dr. Mohd Azam Bin Din, Lecturer of Faculty Science in UTAR, Kampar.

The session started with an overview of CJ Century’s core businesses and services. Students were then able to experience firsthand of the entire process from inbound to pick and pack, and shipping of customer orders across the country through a pre-recorded video presentation to replicate the experience of the in-person tour. A series of images and diagrams were also presented to help the students gain more in-depth understanding and visualization of the warehouse operation. Particularly, inbound and outbound processes supported by efficient inventory management and automated systems, followed by sharing the Company’s efforts in maintaining best practices on health, safety and environment.

In support of community engagement and education, CJ Century is always geared to inspire youths through practical exposure and industrial knowledge, which is value-adding to their academic learning experience. Here is to many more opportunities to make contribution towards our nation youths and a more sustainable logistics industry!

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